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Systematic Innovation Methodology 

(SIM) / - earlier know as TRIZ / TIPS:

Use patentinspiration for:

  • Innovation research
    How to harvest inspiration to innovate any product or process?
  • Market you technology or product / Opportunity identification
    What are new applications for your technology?
  • Technology mapping
    Which universities, institutes or companies specialize in my technology?
  • Problem solving
    Which industries are solving my specific problem?

Success in the research world depends mostly on access to knowledge. However, most companies depend upon internal and competitive knowledge. The global patent database is one of the greatest and most powerful knowledge resources of all time. Research professionals from all departments need to know how to access this knowledge effectively.
Born out of 14 years of research, updated web based sofotware called PatentInspiration with great meaningful visualizations of fully active, intuitive spotlights on your selected patent pool. It is one of the fastest ways to make sense of the thousands of patents that match your search and create insights for problem solving, innovation or new markets for your technology. It provides the great capacity to do patent analyzing, from statistical analyses to complex semantic text tools with user-friendly front ends in a patent database with 69 million records

2. Systematic Innovation Softwares

a) Matrix +

Part of the Systematic Innovation Problem Solving Suite. The Matrix+ helps you solve problems with contradictions. 
Matrix + is conflict resolution software tool used to solve situations which usually hinders the discovery of breakthrough innovative solutions.
This is going above root cause analysis to root contradiction analysis which is often simple yet highly effective in complex, dynamic situations.

b) EvPot +

Part of the Systematic Innovation Problem Solving Suite. EvPot+ helps identify evolution trends and to plot evolution potential

EvPot + is a software tool used to plot evolution potential radar graphs and contains a database of numerous examples of evaluation potential trends uncovered by Systematic Innovation researchers. This tool will help predict the direction where your product or services should evolve to.
Direction of evolving of products or services is being validated by more than 3.5 million datapoint from across all domains, industries and processes. 

c) PercepMap +

Part of the Systematic Innovation Problem Solving Suite. PercepMap+ helps define problems better by mapping the user's perceptions.

PercepMap + helps to deal with "fuzzy" human problems and complex situations where innovation is hindered by perception from all the parties involved in the innovation process.

3. Innovation Software (subject to availability)

 Excellent start point for learning & start using TRIZ for problem solving with building problems / challenge database among team members.

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