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New Arrival...

Do you want to develop innovation capability culture in your organizations?

Have tried many ways, frustrated, failed so it feel like it is ART and not Science...

Innovation Capability Maturity Model - ICMM: An Introduction

by Darrell Mann

Failure rate of innovation (successful step change) attempts by organizations has been almost 97% - ongoing study of more than 3.5 million data points (global knowledge from all human endeavor, domains, products, processes, services). 

16 years research and DNA decoding of INNOVATION to genome, universal benchmark as ICMM - "Innovation Capability Maturity Model" i.e. its recipe now available for brave-heart of braves.
Surely is hard work, where no short cuts are possible for managing, growing (...) in complex business world, alternative is stagnation (.) when  your current system comes to its fundamental limit.

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